Oxalis Triangularis

Kokedama (苔玉, in English, literally "moss ball") is a ball of soil, covered with moss, in which an ornamental plant grows. The idea has its origins in Japan where Kokedama are very popular.


Kokedama is also called poor man's bonsai. It's made of wet Akadama soil and Keto (peat) formed to a ball. The plant is set into the ball and afterwards the moss is wrapped around. with Aluminium wire or nylon string which fixes the whole bundle.

Kokedama can be settled onto a small saucer or hung in rooms in the house, singly or in multiples, creating a string garden, They can be indoor or outdoor plants - simple or complicated. A single plant or a miniature garden in one moss ball. Kokedama are works of living art.


Kokedama is as individual as the plant that it contains, each KokedamaLondon product comes with a detailed care sheet as they must be watered regularly and need a lot of light..